Raising a dog in the city is hard work. 

QuilaYou go to great lengths to make sure your dog is happy and fit, but as a busy professional in a busy city, you can’t always be there for your dog. When you have to be away from home for long hours, your dog is missing out on socializing and exercise.


Doggedly Devoted can help.

Doggedly Devoted services include daycare and obedience training. We also offer additional services to our daycare clients, including baths, nail filing, overnight stays, and pick up and drop off service.

Daycare allows dogs to exercise their minds and bodies while you are at work. Dogs love going to daycare because it’s fun and interactive. Dogs with superior social skills are good pets and neighbors. At Doggedly Devoted, we are professionals at keeping dogs active and engaged. We cultivate these social skills in our canine daycare clients.

Please contact us to schedule a tour of the facility and a meet and greet with your dog.

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1400 Fifth Avenue
Entrance is on 116th Street