Dog Walks

20161102_144556We’ve designed our dog walking service to meet the needs of active, inquisitive dogs. Doggedly Devoted walks include a one-hour visit with a walk outside, lots of loving, and brain work, such as training or cognition games. We want to really improve your dog’s day, and to have happy dog they need to exercise both body and mind.

An important part of keeping dogs emotionally satisfied while you are at work is environmental enrichment. We are happy to provide a long-lasting frozen kong chew treat for your dog for an additional fee. We’ll pick up our Kong from you at our next walk and leave your dog with a brand new one–no need for you to clean. We have several flavors from which to choose. (We can also leave your own pre-prepared Kong for your dog, if you prefer.)

All our walkers are certified in pet first aid and CPR and trained in dog body language and positive reinforcement training techniques.

We are insured and bonded through the Business Insurers of the Carolina Pet Associates Program.

Call or email today to get your dog set up for the best walk in town!

Service Price Description
Standard Visit $38 Includes a 1 hour visit with a walk outdoors, time to play with a human, and a training moment or cognitive game
Puppy Visit $42 For puppies up to 16 weeks old who can’t walk outside; we will either carry out for potty trip or clean up pee pee pads, according to owner preference; lunch served, playtime, and training
Training Visit $105 Includes a 1 hour visit from a certified trainer with a walk outside and focused work on particular behaviors (i.e., sit, down, stay, loose leash walking)
Medium Walk $25 30 minute visit and walk with a staff member your dog knows and loves
Relief Walk $19 20 minute visit and walk with a staff member you dog knows and loves
Additional Dog $10 We will walk and play with both your dogs together. This service is for two dogs in a household that get along and can share a walk and playtime.