When you live with a dog in the city, common dog behaviors, such as leashing-pulling, chewing furniture, jumping, and barking, can become overwhelming. Daycare can do wonders for your helping your dog to be a good pet and neighbor, but some dogs might need a little more work to be the best the pet they can be. At Doggedly Devoted we teach positive reinforcement training and environmental management techniques. We do not teach or advocate the use of aversive punishments in dog training, as these can exacerbate issues that dogs might be having and even cause aggression where none existed. Our daycare is run on the same principals of always building a dog's confidence.

Private Coaching Sessions

Get the help and support you need quickly and efficiently through private meetings with certified dog trainer Megan Coryat at Doggedly Devoted. Coaching includes customized training plans and support throughout the process of managing and modifying your dog's behavior. 60-minute session: $75 90-minute session: $110

Group Classes for Adult and Adolescent Dogs

Beginner group obedience classes run for five weeks. This course covers the basics that you need to keep your dog safe in the city.  The next basic obedience class will run after Labor Day in September, exact dates TBD. Email us  today to join the class or get on our mailing list so that you can get the latest information on our courses.

Puppy Socials

Introduce your puppy to play skills in the a safe, clean environment at Doggedly Devoted! Under the supervision of the dog play experts at Doggedly Devoted, puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks will socialize while their humans learns the basics of dog body language and dog-dog play management. Puppy Socials are every Saturday from 10 to 11 am at Doggedly Devoted (1400 Fifth Avenue, entrance is on West 116th Street between Fifth and Lenox Avenues). To attend, you must RSVP by the Thursday immediately preceding, and you must bring a copy of your puppy’s vaccination records. Puppy Socials at Doggedly Devoted are $10 per puppy. See more information on our Puppies page.

Doggedly Devoted Day School

Doggedly Devoted offers unique day training curricula for your dog with a variety of options to fit your lifestyle and your budget. For our daycare clients, add on a training package to help your pup brush up on etiquette with private lessons during daycare. Puppy Day School is also available for puppies who are at least 16 weeks old and have all their vaccinations. Your puppy will come to Doggedly Devoted five weekdays in a row to learn city skills like loose leash walking, polite greetings, sit, down, stay, and reliable recall. Between training sessions, your puppy with play with other dogs in our clean, safe facility, attended by dog handlers who are trained in recognizing dog body language and are certified in dog first aid and CPR. The week concludes with a 1-hour transfer session so that you can see what your dog learned and continue to reinforce it. 5-day school: $540 "Working with an excellent trainer like Megan is definitely worth the reasonable investment in time and money for the huge improvement in quality of life for both myself and my dog. I would recommend training at Doggedly Devoted for anyone interested in trying humane training methods that really work!"

Board and Train

Bringing a new dog or puppy into your life can be stressful. If you need support in training your new puppy or if you want your dog to brush up on his etiquette while you are on vacation, consider board and train at Doggedly Devoted. Board and Train is appropriate for puppies over 16 weeks old and dogs who are well-socialized and will partake in daycare playgroups while they train. Board and train: $165/night "Megan has an impressive ability to listen, observe, and understand the needs of both the dog and the owner to allow real progress in short amount of time. The encouragement and reminders she gave me really helped."
Member of APDT