What Our Clients Are Saying


I just wanted to thank you again for the comprehensive training you gave us. My husband and I both feel so much more confident around dogs in general.

This past weekend at the dog park there was an exceptionally large group of dogs, a scuffle that started with just two of them escalated to the entire group in a big pile. My husband just looked at me, handed me his coffee cup, and calmly walked over to grab Piper by her hind end and drag her away from the the other dogs.

It was so nice knowing that either of us could handle the situation without freaking out.

“You did a great job of adapting to fit our specific puppy training needs. We feel very lucky that we received such fantastic one-on-one instruction for our dog, who is quite clearly a highly distractible puppy, and we have seen great improvements in her behavior and her response to our behavior prompts.”

“The owner, Megan, has been training my puppy for a few weeks. Megan has done an amazing job, teaching my dog things I never imagined she would be able to do. For example, I can now drop treats on the floor right in front of her and she will wait until I say it’s OK to eat them.”

“I could not be more pleased with the progress we made in just a few weeks of training. Two months ago I was a first time dog owner who was struggling with my dogs barking, growling, and general aggressive behavior. The training methods that I had read about in books from a prominent national dog association were not working and I assumed that this was a problem that could not be fixed either due to my dog’s temperament or having started training too late. I was worried my neighbors were going to be upset by the barking. A number of people gave me conflicting advice about what to do and I was having second thoughts about having a dog. However, each week we made remarkable progress in training. Now I am happy to say that my dog is quite well behaved, walks nicely on her leash, rarely barks inside, and can do a multitude of tricks. Several of the doormen in my building have commented on the improvement in my dogs behavior, as have a number of my neighbors, family members, and friends. Honestly, some of my friends are pretty surprised that this much improvement was possible and I get a lot of positive comments.

Working with an excellent trainer like Megan is definitely worth the reasonable investment in time and money for the huge improvement in quality of life for both myself and my dog. I would recommend training at Doggedly devoted for anyone interested in trying humane training methods that really work!”


“Our dog is a bit fussy so we weren’t sure that she would put up with going to doggie daycare or boarding overnight but she loves it! She goes with her tail wagging. Megan and the staff are caring and give each dog individualized attention. They are good about communication with the owners and they make sure each dog has what she needs. In short, I can’t recommend Doggedly Devoted highly enough. It is clean and well-managed. More importantly, it is a place that really cares for dogs.”

“This place is great! Megan and her staff truly care about the happiness, health, and well being of the dogs that are there for boarding and daycare. My fiance and I have boarded our puppy, Turk, at Doggedly Devoted for 4 nights when we were on vacation in August, and we have also had him there for daycare (you can see pictures of him having a great time online at their Facebook page – another reason why they are awesome!). When we boarded him, we were so nervous about leaving him, but Megan and the Doggedly Devoted staff put our mind at ease by sending us constant updates and posting pictures of him playing online. He was having a blast! After boarding him there, we knew that we would never take him anywhere else for boarding or daycare. He loves it! Matter of fact, when we bring him in, he is so eager and excited to be there that he forgets that we are leaving him at all! It is truly a perfect place for Turk, and I would highly recommend it to any dog owner.”


“We took the pugs to visit the facilities and were very impressed. It is very clean and well lit, and there is a huge room for the pups to play in. Our boys are old (9 and 11), so we weren’t sure how much they would want to play. Luckily, there is a space that they could go to be alone when they got too tired. Megan was very nice and sent us updates on the pugs progress via Facebook. The pictures were great, especially when there was a “pug party” and Brodhi and Clyde got to hang with their new friend Tallulah. Our boys were very well cared for. Brodhi needs eye drops every night, and that was not a problem at all.

We will definitely be going back to Doggedly Devoted. We feel very comfortable with them caring for our pugs. Thanks again to all the staff for taking such good care of them!”