Structured, Safe Daycare for Dogs

Big Dog Play GroupDoggedly Devoted is locally owned an operated. It is Harlem’s only dog daycare and training facility that is owned by a certified dog trainer. We serve the needs of pets and their human families in Harlem with daycare for dogs and training and behavior modification. With our eco-friendly, social-setting facility and personalized care, Doggedly Devoted offers a safe, stimulating environment for dogs so that pet owners can put their mind at ease while they travel or work long hours. Our commitment to dog owners is that your dog will return home to you happy and tired. We strive to make sure that every dog has a positive, stress-free experience with other dogs.

Dogs know one another and remember their friends. Dogs who know one another and have a long history of playing together are better at communicating with one another.

By carefully cultivating playgroups, Doggedly Devoted ensures the safety of all its clients. At Doggedly Devoted, human caretakers pay close attention to every dog’s signals to assess their needs constantly. Whether they need a nap, more energetic play, different toys, or more human interaction, we make sure they get what they need.

Dogs are happiest when they can experience novel stimuli within a structured and familiar environment. In addition to making sure play groups contain a stable core of players, we also adhere to itinerary-based daycare, so dogs come to know what to expect from each day. The dogs have plenty of learning opportunities throughout their day, including training moments, solo play with enriching toys, daily walks, and supervised play with peers.


Megan Coryat, a member of the Academy for Dog Trainers, has earned her Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed accreditation and is an advocate for force-free methods of dog training. Training should be a fun activity for your dog and for you, so at Doggedly Devoted, we teach only scientifically-proven, humane methods of behavior modification. We live in Harlem, too, so we know what it means to raise a dog here. Doggedly Devoted training programs offer practical solutions for the urban dog lover.

Our 3,000 square foot facility is located in the 1400 Fifth Avenue building in Manhattan; the entrance is on West 116th Street between Fifth and Lenox Avenues.

cpdt-ka-logo    Member, APDT  Certified in Pet First Aid