Meet the Team


Megan Coryat

Owner, Dog Trainer

Doggedly Devoted Owner and Operator Megan Coryat is committed to the health and well-being of Harlem’s pets. She holds the CPDT-KA certification and is a member of the Academy for Dog Trainers.  Megan is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and has volunteered as a Dog and Cat Companion at the Animal Care and Control Center’s Manhattan branch. She is certified in animal first aid by PetTech, the American Red Cross, and the Pet Professional Guild. Dog daycare is a second career for Megan. She left her position as a director of development in the arts nonprofit sector to spend more time with dogs and their people.


Blossom Coryat


Blossom Coryat, Doggedly Devoted co-founder, works behind the scenes on Doggedly Devoted’s infrastructure and business development. When she met Megan and Lexie five years ago, Blossom was so afraid of dogs that she would cross the street to avoid even a chihuahua. Today, Blossom dreams of owning a farm where she can raise litters of pitbulls to be seeing eye dogs. Until that happens, she contents herself with watching videos of puppies on YouTube, and providing love and affection to the dogs of Doggedly Devoted. She is certified in animal first aid and CPR by PetTech. Blossom also works in another field she is passionate about: software engineering.




Stacey graduated from the University of Vermont with degrees in Wildlife Biology and Natural Resource Ecology. After working with horses in Greece and whales & turtles in Mexico, she brings her passion for animals and the environment to New York City. Stacey is excited about learning animal behavior and training here at Doggedly Devoted. You may find her around the neighborhood or Marcus Garvey Park with her own dog, Pippi. She also likes the beach, traveling, and was once a pretty great ultimate frisbee player. She is certified in animal first aid and CPR by the Pet Professional Guild.



Assistant Manager

Jacob is a full-time Liberal Arts student at Hunter College and an Assistant Manager at Doggedly Devoted. He’s been working with animals since 2006 at Animal Care & Control and especially enjoys the company of the dogs he has worked with. Working with dogs also encouraged him to get a beagle by the name of Mr. Marbles. When he’s not working with dogs, he likes to learn about different video editing techniques for his potential career in post-production, which he wishes to pursue once he finishes college. He is certified in animal first aid and CPR by PetTech.



Canine Consultant

Lexie (short for Lexington Avenue) is a mixed breed canine who teamed up with Megan in April 2006 after they met in a coffee shop in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Prior to that Lexie had been fostered for a couple weeks with some very nice ladies who found her looking for a forever home on Brooklyn’s Lexington Avenue. Lexie loves people, dogs, kids, and her cat, Vera.


Moon Unit

Chief Fun Officer

Moon Unit is a mixed breed canine originally hailing from the streets of Tennessee, where some lovely people found him and fostered him until he could make his way to NYC. Moon Unit, “Moonit” for short, joined Doggedly Devoted and the Coryat family in August 2012. Since then, he has added a dynamic element to the small and tiny dog play groups, and has served as a meet and greet ambassador for dogs 25 pounds and under, as well as a Puppy Social helper.