Summer 2012 Free Workshop Series

All the workshops listed here are free, but you must RSVP.  Email us today to reserve your spot.

Saturday, July 14               3:00 PM
Be a Tree: Bite Prevention Class for Kids (6 to 12 Years)

This dog bite prevention course, designed by Doggone Safe, is geared toward elementary school kids. This fun and interactive course will help kids recognize unsafe situations and teach them what to do if they are in danger. No dogs will be present at this workshop.

Monday, July 16              7:30 PM
Walk This Way: Loose-Leash Walking

Learn tricks and tips to make walking with your dog more pleasant. In this 45-minute workshop, we will look at equipment, as well as training techniques for loose-leash walking.

Tuesday, July 24               7:30 PM
Take Me Out to the Dog Park: A How-to for Anxious Owners

Taking your dog to the dog park the first time can be scary.  We will talk about dog behavior, what to expect, and what to look out for in this 45-minute workshop.

Saturday, July 28              3:00 PM
Training Programs at Doggedly Devoted: An Introduction

At this 45-minute meet and greet with trainer Megan Coryat, she will outline the various training options available at Doggedly Devoted, including group classes, day training, and train and board.

Friday, August 3                7:30 PM
Take Me Home Tonight: Adopting a Pet in NYC

There are so many pet adoption options in NYC that the choices can be overwhelming.  This workshop will present information on some of the animals most in need of a loving home in NYC: those living in the adoption wards of Animal Care and Control. Learn the lingo and how the dogs are assessed before you go, and it will be easier to decipher the background information on each animal. When you adopt from the AC&C, you save a life!

Sunday, August 12            3:00 PM
Clicker Training Overview: What, Why, and How

If you’re curious about the Clicker Training phenomenon, and you want to learn a little about the theory and mechanics, check out this fun, interactive workshop for humans.